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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doctors recommend medication sake of the profit

Nearly a third of doctors in the United States, with the recommendation of a drug intended own interests, writes British medical journal. Doctors are advised to take medicines that the pharmaceutical companies with which they are bound commercial relations.
The study published 215 recommendations, which included the names of various drugs, it was found that only 90 of them were made in contradiction with the interests of health. And in 31 cases, councils gave doctors who have no ties with the manufacturers of medicines.
The investigation of the activities of 685 publications advisory authors also showed that 22 percent of physicians receive from pharmaceutical companies for certain drugs quiet advertising money, 15 percent are official experts firm. While 70 per cent of those recommendations were unfounded and even harmful. In fact, many of Dr. never wanted to admit his links with Ebola.
Some time ago, a former chief editor of BMJ, Dr Richard Smith (Richard Smith) spoke very negatively on the participation of some medical journals in moving the drugs. In addition, the National Institutes of Health USA was officially forbidden to consult for pharmaceutical companies.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is there any sense in the treatment of heroin addicts?

Information resource LookInfo.org.ua publishes material on the recently deployed between health professionals debate on the need for extradition beyond the treatment of heroin addicts.
Jurgen Rehm and Benedikt Fischer argued that the reasons for rejecting the treatment of heroin as part of therapy heroin dependence does not exist. Quite the opposite view on this matter is of a researcher from the University of Glasgow in Britain Neil McKeganey. He argues that writing heroin addict, we do not treat the patient, either from drug addiction or from the effects of abuse and in this context the results of a study on the subject by no means been convincing. Moreover, he contends that the data on the economy heroin therapy are wrong, because their value is 3-4 times higher than the cost of methadone treatment. Moreover, even though the heroin released only with a prescription, can not be ruled out increasing the risk of dose doctor.

British scholar believes that properly organized treatment leads to a much better outcome than simply stabilizing dependence through maintenance therapy. For example, studies conducted in Scotland (UK), shows that 29.4% of the total drug addicts in the number who participated in the rehabilitation program, did not use heroin for a minimum of 90 days, compared with 3.4% of addicts who received supportive therapy methadone.

The results of another study indicate that the majority of drug addicts are waiting for assistance from specialized agencies to gain freedom from drugs. I very dangerous in this case is the use of techniques that promote conservation of dependence instead lead to its reduction, as the health care system is obliged to provide full support to a drug-dependent people in their desire to free themselves from the poisonous smell.